Review of some Technical issues related to the Quranic Text published in Pakistan


  • Hafiz Muhammad Ajmal Assistant Professor, Govt. College Model Town, Lahore
  • Zahid Mehmood Rana Lecturer, Islamiyat, Govt. College of Commerce, Narowal



Qur’ānic text, ‘ilm-al-Rasm, ‘ilm-al-Ḍabt


Error-free printing of Qur’ānic Text is a collective duty of all Muslims. The fact remains that Muslims have performed this duty with devotion and rightly. They also arranged sittings to discuss "Rasm" and " Ḍabt"(رسم اور ضبط) to understand the crux of matter and provide an expression to the most authentic text. No Muslim can intentionally commit any kind of mistake in the text of Qur’ān. However, such possibilities of error cannot be denied due to negligence and inadvertency. The Ministry for Religious Affairs has made it obligatory for all the printing institutions of Qur’ānic text to follow the model of the Qur’ānic manuscript, produced by Anjman Ḥimāyat-e-Islām, yet many Qur’ānic manuscripts with errors are present in the market. Such manuscripts are not only present in some mosques, but also recited. It causes problems in recitation of those verses and might changing the meaning of them. This article points out such scriptures and errors, so it can be identified and to take steps for preventive measures for such errors in future. This article also suggests some policies and strategies for publishing of Qur’ān for avoiding misprints errors.




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Hafiz Muhammad Ajmal, and Zahid Mehmood Rana. 2018. “Review of Some Technical Issues Related to the Quranic Text Published in Pakistan”. Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies 3 (2). Haripur, Pakistan:129-38.