About Us

The "Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies" (JIRS), is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access multilingual journal published bi-annually by the Department of Islamic and Religious Studies, the University of Haripur, Pakistan, is dedicated to fulfilling its aims and scope since 2016.

JIRS recognizes the increasing significance of Islamic education in the contemporary world. It is committed to fostering rigorous research and critical discussions to advance the field of religious studies, thereby addressing modern-day issues in the light of authentic Islamic teachings.

In line with the journal's goals, the Department of Islamic and Religious Studies has launched the JIRS - Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies to create a comprehensive and global understanding of Islam. JIRS welcomes contributions from scholars of diverse religious backgrounds and perspectives to ensure a comprehensive view of religious subjects. The journal encourages various research methods, supporting a broad spectrum of scholarly approaches.

A primary aim of the Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies is to facilitate dialogue and understanding among scholars and practitioners from diverse religious backgrounds, emphasizing the interconnectedness of religious and cultural ideologies. Furthermore, it aims to bridge the gap between intellectual insights and the broader society through scholarly research. It promotes open-access principles to make research and knowledge accessible to a diverse global audience.

In essence, JIRS aligns its publication and research efforts with the outlined aims and scope to provide valuable insights, foster academic excellence, and promote inclusive discourse within religious studies.