Protecting the Public from Electronic Incitement against National Security: A Study in Light of the Prophet’s Guidance


  • Maria Bassam Muhammad Abd al Rahman Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Northern Borders University, Saudi Arabia



electronic incitement, terrorism, national security


Electronic incitement poses a serious threat to national security, often ensnaring unsuspecting individuals who inadvertently spread harmful information, thus aiding electronic terrorism. This study aims to raise awareness about the dangers of electronic incitement, identify its methods, and emphasize the importance of countering it. The study also explores the preventive and remedial measures from the Prophet’s Sunnah to address incitement and bolster national security. Conducted through inductive and descriptive analysis, the research includes an introduction and two main sections. Key findings reveal that electronic incitement is a potent tool for spreading sedition and destabilizing national security, primarily through the dissemination of rumors. The study highlights that the Prophet’s Sunnah provides wise directives for handling incitement, emphasizing the importance of preparation, unity, and self-control to safeguard national security. The study concludes with recommendations to intensify research on electronic blackmail and defamation and to implement additional legal regulations to curb the spread of incitement.



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Maria Bassam Muhammad Abd al Rahman. 2024. “Protecting the Public from Electronic Incitement Against National Security: A Study in Light of the Prophet’s Guidance”. Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies 9 (1). Haripur, Pakistan:113-31.