Recognition of the Relation between Interpretation of Text and Pragmatism in Arabic Language


  • Siddique Muhammad Ibrahim Lecturer, Faculty of Arabic Language, International Islamic University, Islamabad *
  • Muhammad Ayub al Rashidi Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arabic Language, International Islamic University, Islamabad



Pragmatism, Interpretation, Arabic, Lexical, Text


This article defines principles of pragmatism and text. It endeavors to elements of interpretation of text as well as relation which plays its vital role for connecting both; text and pragmatism with each other. It goes on to describe a mechanism of reading and understanding of text along with elaboration of its interaction with text. It is so because Arabic based structure and text is having multi-coloured aspects and meanings. It has several ups and downs like surface and depth, metaphor, imagery and allegory in addition to exploitation and adaption. Interpretation of text is the grass-roots of productive cognition. Because the ambiguity in word, sentence even in structure weather it is shorten or long is interpreted in addition to the interpretation of meanings of structures which are ordinarily defined and recognized through involving context and situation of context, bearing in view the original meaning; lexical meaning alongside interpretation with its significant principles and elements. However, all the description said before locates frequently infinity of text meanings.