Realization of Madrasah-tu-Zahra Project through Risālah-i-Nūr in Turkey: An Analytical Review

  • Dr. Shumaila Majeed Visiting Lecturer, Foundation University Islamabad, Sialkot Campus
Keywords: Bedi’uzzamān Sa’īd Nūrsī, medrese-tu-zahra, risale-i-nūr, modern eduction, anti-religious policies


The study aims to analyze the educational accomplishments of Risālah-i Nūr (Qur'ānic exegesis) in realizing the objectives of Madrasah-tu-Zahra University, which Badī’uz-Zamān Sa’īd Nūrsī, 20th Century Turkish Muslims Scholar, wanted to establish. Firstly, the paper presented a short description of the causes of Nūrsī’s dissatisfaction with the education system of his time. This was followed by an analysis of his efforts to bring about educational reforms in the existing structure. Next, the study analyzed the factors that thwarted Nūrsī’s efforts for the establishment of Madrasah-tu-Zahra. This was followed by a detailed analysis of how Risālah-i Nūr proved to be a ma’navī Madrasah-tu-Zahra in achieving the same objects which Nūrsī wanted to accomplish through the university. A qualitative research approach has been chosen for this study. Findings of the paper showed that despite the lifelong efforts of Nūrsī he could not establish his desired university owing to some unfavorable circumstances including the outbreak of WW1, his exile and imprisonment, and the anti-religious policies of the Turkish Republic. The study also found that though he couldn’t establish a physical university, Nūrsī managed to achieve the same objective through Risālah by establishing small study circles of his devoted students. The study of examples from Risālah showed how successfully Nūrsī achieved all his objectives and exerted himself to revitalize the educational system of that time through Risālah. The study is significant to understand the shortcomings of parallel education systems of Ottoman Turkey and the contributions of Sa’īd Nūrsī to synthesize religious and modern education without compromising on the fundamentals of Islam.

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Majeed, Dr. Shumaila. 2020. “Realization of Madrasah-Tu-Zahra Project through Risālah-I-Nūr in Turkey: An Analytical Review”. Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies 5 (2), 71-92.