Character Education according to Quran and Hadith: A description of Provision of Character Education in Secondary Schools

  • Dr. Syed Afzal Shah The University of Haripur
  • Dr. Shiraz Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, The University of Haripur, Haripur, KP, Pakistan
  • Dr. Abdul Muhaimin Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic & Religious Studies, The University of Haripur
Keywords: character education, teachers, secondary school, student, socioeconomic, religious


Character being reacting in a decent (fairness, responsible) way to the circumstances, need to be taught to the students. This study was designed to explore whether the teachers at the secondary level provide character education or not. For this purpose, stratified random sampling technique was used to select 1438 students from the population of grade 10 students of Hazara Division. A questionnaire was developed and used for gathering data from the respondents, which was validated by the experts. Cronbach reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.712 which was got through pilot study conducted on 100 students. Frequency and Charts were used for description of situation. Results indicate that according to Quran Jinn and humans are created by Allah to worship him but Satan is trying to turn you away from Allah. So adopt good character by taking care of your actions. Reconcile mutual differences and conflicts among each other as the believers are “but brothers”. Be guard against oppression as Allah will forgive you. Results of survey indicate that teachers train students to follow teachings of Islam, resolve conflicts and apologize in case of hurting each other. Character education is a part of their curriculum. It is recommended that education department should show high concern and implement check and balance system for the actual implementation of character education at schools. Additionally, the physical, mental level, socioeconomic and religious status of the students should be kept in mind during provision of character education to students.

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Shah, Dr. Syed, Dr. Shiraz Khan, and Dr. Abdul Muhaimin. 2020. “Character Education According to Quran and Hadith: A Description of Provision of Character Education in Secondary Schools”. Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies 5 (1), 99-114.